About Angelo Ambrosecchia:

Angelo Ambrosecchia enjoys working with first-time home buyers and explaining to them the differences between each of our mortgage loan programs. With Angelo’s extensive knowledge of all your home loan options, your mortgage process is sure to run as smoothly as possible. A proud Penn State graduate, Angelo tries to stay very involved and active in his community, where he acts as a local softball coach for a youth team.

“What kind of mortgages should I look into as a first-time buyer?”

First-time home buyers often look for a low down-payment or no down-payment mortgage loan, and with Angelo’s expertise on your side, you’ll be aware of all your options and important details throughout your mortgage process. Some programs you may be interested in asking about are the Fannie Mae conventional 3% down payment mortgage, the FHA 3.5% down payment mortgage, the VA 0% down payment mortgage for military individuals and families, or the USDA-RD 0% down-payment loan for buying a home in an approved rural neighborhood.

A note from Angelo:

I have helped people become homeowners throughout Scranton and Northeast Pennsylvania since 2000 and am happy to help state-wide. It is my goal to help you, as home buyers and real estate investors, to decide on the best course of action for your needs.

“I’m thinking about buying a home. Where do I start?”

I always recommend to home buyers that you pick a loan officer that is easily reachable and responds promptly, as having an open line of communication is critical in this potentially stressful process. Also, I advise meeting with your loan officer as soon as possible, as one-on-one explanations are key to understanding everything you need to know about your home mortgage.

My team and I are excited to help you through your mortgage process! Give me a call to get started.